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Coils are our specialty

Fairview Coil Fabrication (FCF) specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality copper induction coils. The induction heating coil is a vital component of RF induction heating systems that are used for industrial brazing, soldering, heat treating and other metalworking applications.

Master coil craftsmanship

Our craftsmen at FCF have years of experience with induction coil design and fabrication. We can manufacture top quality copper coils from your drawings and specifications. Or, if you're investigating a new application, we'll work with you to determine the optimum coil design for your parts and process. A high-efficiency coil design will pay for itself many times over in energy savings, and reduce the overall investment required for the power supply.

Emergency repair services

In addition to induction coil design and fabrication, we offer standard and emergency coil repair services. If you're investigating a new heating application, we offer free feasibility testing. Send us your parts and heating requirements, and we'll provide our best suggestion for an efficient coil design. Our experienced craftsmen will also offer unbiased advice on the best power supply for your process requirements.

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For induction heating experience, master coil craftsmanship, and personalized service, choose Fairview Coil Fabrication. Call us today at 585-738-5151 or send us an e-mail!


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